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International Payroll

The core functionality of Infinet Cloud Payroll has been designed generically; to provide a flexible payroll engine that can be extended to support many countries. Our standard offering on the NetSuite platform provides full support – meeting local tax compliance requirements, payroll, leave requirements and more – for jurisdictions including:

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Don’t stress, Infinet Cloud Payroll makes compliance with Australian legislation easy. Be it an ATO initiative or state-specific legislation, we support and maintain a huge number of Australian intricacies. If you already have NetSuite or are considering it, experience the cloud at its best by having your Payroll system always up-to-date and compliant. There’s no need to worry about changes to:

  • PAYG tax tables, thresholds and calculations for all variations including HELP, SSL, TSL, Medicare Levy, Seniors, Foreigners and Holiday Makers
  • Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)
  • Employment Termination Payments (ETP) including preservation age, unused leave payment and redundancy payments
  • Superannuation including thresholds and a full list of available super of funds
  • Long Service Leave (LSL)
  • Child support and Protected Earnings Amount (PEA)
  • Payroll Tax calculation and reporting
  • National and State-based Public Holidays

Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll (STP) has brought about huge change in the way Australian companies do and report their payroll. Since the 2018/2019 financial year, all organisations with 20 or more employees are required to report via STP – hundreds of our customers made the jump with no disruption to their payroll and little change to their processes. Starting 1st July 2019, all employers will need to report and the ATO will penalise non-compliance. So what are you waiting for? With no additional integrations necessary, further automate your payroll and take full advantage of:

  • Employee data validation for new hires
  • Automatic reporting (on-boarding) of new hires
  • Compliance efficiencies including activity statements
  • A streamlined end-of-year with options for no Payment Summaries and PSAR
  • Customisable and streamlined reporting

The beauty of our cloud application architecture is that STP is available to everyone at no additional cost, so even if you pay less than 20 employees as mandated by the ATO, your organisation can choose to reap the benefits and report via STP using Infinet Cloud Payroll and the NetSuite platform now.

Australian Batch Payments

Infinet Cloud Payroll provides built in support for APCA Direct Entry Format (ABA File) allowing you to make EFT payments to your employees quickly and easily via your internet banking.  All the data for payment has been generated directly from your pay run!  Infinet Cloud Payroll works seamlessly with the big four banks (and more).


Feel secure with the backing of a Certified SuperStream Gateway Operator and Gold Certified SuperStream Clearing House Provider. Infinet Cloud Payroll is tightly integrated with ClickSuper, a leader for SuperStream compliance. The SuperStream Data and Payment Standard came into effect 1 July 2014 as part of the Australian Federal government’s response to the Super System Review. Infinet Cloud and ClickSuper were at the forefront of SuperStream adoption and now have a long-standing relationship that has brought tighter integration and huge cost savings to our customers.

Calculation of employer and employee super contributions are completed during the pay run process and the instructions for distribution of that super via a remittance to ClickSuper is also created directly from your same account. This translates to a single source of data, no duplication, and overall a more streamlined process to save you time and money.

Payment Summaries

If you’ve already made the jump to STP then there may not be a requirement to issue Payment Summaries to your employees. But, if you haven’t, or you still call them Group Certificates then it makes no difference to us. Infinet Cloud Payroll provides a simple stage based process for generating and distributing Payment Summaries. Once distributed you can finalise everything and lodge to the ATO with just a few clicks. Made a mistake? Not a problem with built-in support for creating amended Payment Summaries and PSAR (EMPDUPE) files.

New Zealand

Our cloud-based payroll solution includes on-going updates to the latest rates and thresholds for PAYE, KiwiSaver, ESCT, and Payroll Giving, as well as using the correct method for calculating leave rates as per the Holidays Act.  ICS Payroll for New Zealand produces IR348, IR345, and KED files for upload to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).  All these features help facilitate compliance with the IRD, and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  Updates are provided seamlessly when new regulations come into effect.


There’s no need to worry about miscalculating PAYE as tax rates including ACC Earner Levy rates are automatically updated in Infinet Cloud Payroll. PAYE deductions become easy with exact figures being calculated for each employee, saving you precious time with each pay run.


Stay on top of all of your company’s KiwiSaver obligations for your employees including ECST. Default rates are automatically applied to employees as they’re setup for payroll, with flexible customisation options available for increased rates. All calculations are built into the pay run process and push through to employee payslips and bundled reports.

IRD Integration

Ensure you’re compliant with the IRD by staying on-top of New Zealand reporting requirements including Employer Deductions (IR 345) and the Employer Monthly Schedule (IR 348). Generate required reports with a single click and file them electronically with the IRD.

Public Holidays

Don’t fret over keeping track of public holidays and manually calculating holiday leave for your employees. Public Holidays are maintained by us, meaning they will automatically get pulled into a pay run and all the calculations are done for you.

United Kingdom

Infinet Cloud Payroll is HMRC recognised, and we support all the main UK jurisdictions including England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. With automatic updates, our payroll solution is always up-to-date and compliant with new legislation with little to no effort from the end-user, particularly through our direct integration with the HMRC where many mundane tasks can be automated with a single click.

  • HMRC Recognised
  • Data Provisioning Service (DPS) Ready: receive electronic notification and automatic application of P6 (Tax code) and SL1 / SL2 notices (Student Loan)
  • Auto Enrolment Compliant: including earnings threshold calculations and triggers, multiple pension funds and CSV exports for upload (PAPDIS)
  • Tax: PAYE, Student Loan Plans and National Insurance (including Director methods)
  • P11d and Payrolled Benefits in Kind (PBiK): which includes calculating and posting the liability direct to the General Ledger
  • Pensions and Auto-Enrolment: Earnings threshold calculations and triggers, multiple pension funds and CSV exports for upload (PAPDIS)
  • Multi-company and TUPE capabilities: Group employees based on rules for Transfer of Undertakings for a seamless payroll process and report across multiple entities with a single view
  • Statutory Pay: Maternity, Paternity, Shared Parental and Sick
  • Statutory forms: P60, P11d and P45
  • RTI Submission: including the Full Payment Submission (FPS), Employer Payment Summary (EPS) and P11d(b) to HMRC. Simplified payments via EFT Upload Coming Soon: Gender Pay Gap Reporting and Payrolled Benefits
  • Simplified payments: via EFT Upload
  • Bulk employee management: easily add or edit employees en masse

Other Jurisdictions

With the flexibility offered, it’s simple to tailor Infinet Cloud Payroll and Leave Management to work in other jurisdictions. Many customers have already discovered and are happily using our products in countries across the globe including Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and more.


Customising the layout and design of printable payslips in our Payroll solution is straightforward and requires only limited HTML knowledge. Shuffle things round, source additional data or group information differently to create payslips that are compliant in your jurisdiction (or look just like the boss wants).

Electronic Payments

ABA? Bacs? EFT? It doesn’t matter what the banks call it in your country. Paying your employees electronically can be completely automated. We provide integrations for various formats like ISO 20022 XML and a large number of international banks including Bank of America, Barclays and HSBC.


Our Payroll solution comes with over 100 searches and reports fully configured and ready to run. Whatever complex reporting requirement you have, it’s likely that one of the existing reports will give you the data you need… if not, then just modify or create a report that does.

Income Tax

Tax really doesn’t need to be taxing. With support for true flat rates, marginal flat taxes, effective tax rates, and progressive tax including marginal tax rates and income/tax brackets – Infinet Cloud Payroll has it covered.


Public or statutory holidays are completely configurable and can be setup however you need. Different holidays for different states within the same jurisdiction? No problem. Are some employees not entitled to public holidays? With Infinet Cloud Payroll this is made easy.

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