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NetSuite Technology

At Infinet Cloud, we’re proud of the quality of the products and services we provide. Integral to that quality are the technologies we use and rely upon. As a select member of the NetSuite+Oracle SuiteCloud Developer Network we have access to and use technology that many organisations spend millions to access and maintain.

Enterprise-grade Infrastructure

Our Payroll, Leave Management and Journal Generator products are built on the SuiteCloud platform. Maintained by NetSuite+Oracle , the SuiteCloud platform offers enterprise-grade data management and security in the cloud and across the globe with multiple data centres. Backed by uptime guarantees and strict security standards – keep your business critical functions humming along 24/7.

Incredible Security

Access your data securely from anywhere through strong 128/256-bit SSL encryption and TLS 1.1/1.2 industry standard cipher suites.

Manage employee access to functionality and data through comprehensive role-based permissions.

Protect your business and employees from a wide variety of attacks including phishing through fine-grained password policies, access control and additional factor authenticaion.

Be compliant by using a platform that has already gone through stringent security audits and certifications including SSAE16, ISAE 3402, PCI, SAS70 and US-EU Safe Harbour.


Top Data Management

Reduce risk and increase availability of your business applications by storing your data across multiple data centres.

Work uninterrupted with multiple levels of redundancy and systems that automatically resume processing if something fails.

Always have a contingency plan with automated hot and offsite backups.

Continue to grow with infrastucture that is built to scale with your business and handle even the largest surges or usage spikes.


Amazing Availability

Feel confident with NetSuite’s guaranteed uptime of 99.5% and Service Level Commitment (SLA).

Know the state and status of your business application(s) with complete transparency via NetSuite’s status portal.

Have peace of mind by knowing that your business application and data is protected by N+1 redundant HVAC units, state-of-the-art fire suppression systems and seismic isolation equipment.

Don’t stress with redundant internet connections and no single-point bottlenecks for data transmissions.

Extendable and Customisable

All of our products are built with flexibility in-mind and we provide a number of industry standard means of integrating with our Payroll, Leave Management and Journal Generator products. So you get complete control over your data – It’s not our data, but yours.

Optimised REST Interface

Built using NetSuite’s tried-and-tested RESTlet webservice technology, our interface allows all CRUD operations on Payroll related records. The interface is designed to maximise the ease at which Payroll related data can be used by external integrations and is not a generic REST interface for records.

Push time from an existing or external leave management system.

Send accurate time instantly for casual employees as they clock-in and clock-out.

Synchronise data from an HR system for basic employee details and more.


SuiteTalk and ODBC

Get direct access to your financial data and more via ODBC.

For more complex integrations, or to extend our products, use SuiteTalk web services.

Integrate with an existing system, build a mobile app or seamlessly extend our functionality by integrating with another 3rd-party cloud application.

Define standard REST functions including POST, PUT, GET and DELETE. Build your app or integration with any language that supports SOAP-based web services.

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