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MyPay removes the emails, spreadsheets and headaches from managing leave entitlement, expenses, timesheets, employee and payroll details. With MyPay, your team can: process leave requests and accruals; enter and interpret time based on your specific business rules; streamline expense entry using OCR for receipt capture; and manage their personal details and payslips, easily and securely, from any device. MyPay’s configuration is driven by your ERP (e.g. NetSuite) and all data is live, meaning that you can empower employees and drastically reduce administration whilst ensuring main system remains your single source of truth.

Expense Management

Users can simply email, upload or drag & drop images of receipts to begin an expense claim. As standard, MyPay includes OCR technology to greatly reduce manual entry and improve accuracy. Categories, tax codes, currencies and GL postings are driven by your ERP system.

Leave Management

With real-time leave balance forecasting and access from any device, this is the leave management your employees expect. For approvers, click-through team hierarchies and calendars, plus contextual information like public holidays a make it easy.

Personal and Pay Details

Let employees manage their personal data – including emergency contact details, addresses and preferred bank account details for payroll. Further, MyPay provides a secure platform to access payroll documents including payslips.

Timesheet Entry and Interpretation

From any device, employees can easily enter standard timesheets, total hours worked or their start and end times – MyPay will automatically breakdown and calculate the actual time and any entitlements (including overtime) based on your business rules.


With tight NetSuite integration, all MyPay data is available right where you need it. This means reporting, customisations and all the advantages of the NetSuite platform are at your disposal. Data gets synchronised instantly, thus any customisations that require transitions become seamless.

Power with room to grow

We chose to build MyPay upon the Heroku platform mainly for its security and scalability. So whether you’re starting out small or have an enterprise of employees, MyPay will work for you.

Empower your employees!

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