Infinet Cloud is delighted to announce that it has been acquired by Zone & Co, a leading provider of cloud-native software solutions built on the Oracle NetSuite platform.

Since launching in 2009, Infinet Cloud has grown consistently and organically by continually investing in its products, partners, clients and most importantly, its team. As of today, the business supports 700+ NetSuite clients in 10+ countries via a team of 25 staff based across six countries.

As NetSuite continues to expand its core platform and international presence, with an increasing focus on its HR offering, SuitePeople, the opportunity and requirement to work even more closely with NetSuite and accelerate the growth of Infinet Cloud’s localized, native payroll and people-focused solutions is massive.

With long-standing relationships between Zone&Co and the team at Infinet Cloud, it quickly became obvious that the combination of timing, opportunity, shared values and infrastructure aligned perfectly, and that an acquisition would allow both companies to take a major strategic step forward.

For Infinet Cloud, this means that almost overnight, the products will have additional technical resource and a vastly increased global team available to drive product development alongside increased marketing and sales efforts. And for Zone&Co, the acquisition sees the addition of an expert and incredibly successful team and one of NetSuite’s most deployed and highly rated SuiteApps to its portfolio.  

Speaking on the acquisition, Anton Selfe, Infinet Cloud General Manager commented:

“Joining Zone & Co at this point in our journey presents an amazing opportunity and we’re incredibly excited about what the future holds for our products and our team.

As businesses, we share incredibly similar origin stories, and our values are completely aligned – developing strong solutions to extend NetSuite’s single data source, based on real-world user requests, and doing so by continually investing in and retaining our team.

It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us all here at Infinet Cloud and we cannot wait to get started and see where it takes us.”

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About Infinet Cloud

Infinet Cloud is a global provider of International payroll and employee-centric solutions. Australia-based and an Oracle NetSuite partner, its cloud-native apps help customers across 10 countries streamline payroll & leave management, and automate journal creation, seamlessly in NetSuite.

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