With the advent of the cloud revolution, its no longer necessary as a payroll officer to be chained to the office. In fact as long as you have internet access you can run your pay run almost anywhere. Now we aren’t advocating extreme payroll activities, but this will come as great news to anyone who have found themselves staying late in the office for that last timesheet, or coming into the office on a weekend or public holiday to make sure everyone is paid on time.

The benefits of Cloud Payroll aren’t just limited to accessibility either…

Your data is held in the cloud, securely and backed up ensuring its always available. So if your laptop fails your historic payroll data isn’t lost or almost as bad you don’t have to go through a 48 hour process to recover it. As its held remotely you just need to use another machine to login through the browser and you are up and running.

You can also ease your workload by distributing payslips by email; giving employees secure access to their payslips, and pay summaries; or delegate your leave management to approval managers.

So next time you find yourself lonely in the office waiting…, maybe its time to switch from your on premise solution to a better solution. Infinet Cloud Payroll is the leading NetSuite Payroll On Platform solution requiring no external integration and supporting single and multi subsidiary companies for Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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