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Canadian Payroll for NetSuite

Built specifically for NetSuite, natively in NetSuite, ensuring your most important cost is managed as part of your core finance system.


Payroll: Native to NetSuite, local to you

Developed specifically for the Canadian market, Infinet Cloud Payroll for NetSuite looks, feels and functions like a core module within your NetSuite set up. So, you have the same level of control, automation and visibility for payroll as every other critical financial operation.

CRA Compliant

SuitePeople Compatible

Reports & Dashboards as standard

To-The-Cent Analysis

All-in-One Payroll Management Natively in NetSuite 

It's not just payroll for NetSuite, it's payroll in NetSuite

Say goodbye to disparate systems for payroll and financial processes. Developed specifically for NetSuite, natively in NetSuite, Infinet Cloud provides award-winning, end-to-end payroll functionality as part of your core NetSuite set-up.

  • All employee records securely extended to include payroll data
  • Configurable payroll processes and workflows to automate tasks
  • Seamless journal creation and postings
  • To-the-cent analysis of labor costs automatically available in your GL
  • CRA XML file creation, reporting, and submissions as standard

Reduce payroll admin by up to 50% and empower your finance team to manage your most important cost within their primary system.


Easy-to-use, intuitive interface, and visual stage-based pay run

Whether you’re simply updating employee details, amending reports, or initiating a full pay run, Infinet Cloud looks and functions like a core NetSuite module to ensure your team are familiar and confident with the software from day one.

What’s more, users, approvers and directors can easily track your pay run progress at a glance with our visual stage-based pay run system. From initiation through approvals, completion, and reporting, users and managers can stay informed and in control.

Simple or complex payment scenarios? No bother!

Whether you pay your staff hourly, on a salary, off-payroll, or a combination of all of the above, Infinet Cloud can handle standard bi-monthly pay runs, or even weekly, monthly, and custom payment schedules with ease.

Operating with the same depth of power and functionality as NetSuite, our solution easily manages and reports on complex scenarios, including variable shift patterns, bonus payments, timesheets, expenses, employee entitlements, and superannuation calculations to name a few.

Integration to existing solutions such as HR or time and attendance can also be managed if required.

Automatic Journal Posting & CRA File Creation

No more manual or summarized entries. Infinet Cloud automatically creates and posts detailed journals to your GL, providing to-the-cent analysis of payroll costs within your financial reporting.

As standard, the solution is fully compatible with CRA specifications, effortlessly producing XML files based on the CRA schema for easy upload with no duplicate entry.

    Compliant and always automatically up-to-date,

    Operating natively within NetSuite, Infinet Cloud is always automatically up-to-date with NetSuite’s latest release, and all legislative updates are included within your subscription.

    So, no more need to worry about costly end-of-life upgrades or the ever evolving requirement to submit more data, quickly and automatically to the authorities. Just focus on managing your most important cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions about NetSuite Payroll for Canada

    Which Provinces and Territories are supported?

    All provinces and territories are currently supported with the exception of Quebec. We are currently developing the solution for Quebec and will announce this once translations and localizations have been completed. 

    Does the software produce all of our CRA, CPA and compliance documentation and submissions?

    As standard, Infinet Cloud records all relevant data and produces everything you need to fulfil your legal requirements with the CRA, CPA and other bodies:

    • CPP & EI: All deductions are made as part of your pay run, with relevant data stored and segmented for reporting, exporting, and submission purposes.
    • RRSP: If any of your employees contribute to RRSP, all contributions, benefits and deductions can be easily managed within the software.
    • Company contributions & benefits: Any additional contributions or employee benefits can also be managed, deducted and reported on as standard.
    • Enrolment, TD1, T4, & ROE: Data is managed within the employee record in NetSuite, with default layouts for forms and submissions included as standard within the platform to ensure you can produce and provide all relevant documentation to your employees and the CRA.
    • CPA 005 EFT FILE: XML file create for submission to CPA based on their EFT file format and submission specifications.


    See it in action! Watch our 3-minute overview.

    Infinet Cloud Payroll is an integral part of our NetSuite platform. Infinet has continued to develop functionality that streamlines our process and gives us management and financial information about our payroll at the touch of a button. Combined with their outstanding support and implementation services, we unreservedly recommend the Infinet Cloud Payroll team and solution. 

     ★   Official Review

    We run a payroll for 3000+ employees. The service and support received is consistently excellent. The capabilities of the team and the product seamlessly support our very complex payroll and financial reporting requirements.

    ★   Official Review

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